Aspen Travel

Introducing Aspen Travel

Whether you need to get to a meeting in London for 9am on a Monday, or be at that vital conference in Washington DC by Friday, Aspen Travel can offer you a smooth journey and an increased chance of getting you there on time, not to mention the very best travel fares available.

Our international business travel management company offers a customised service to help clients arrive on time and pay less, without compromising on the quality of their journey. Our 30 years of business travel experience, worldwide network of contacts and being an affiliate of the Advantage Focus Partnership gives us access to the best prices possible.

Business travel near and far.

You could be travelling to the next town, or across several time zones, and our small, dedicated team of business travel advisers will be working hard behind the scenes. They’ll get you and your team to where you need to be with minimum hassle, upgrades wherever possible and all at a great rate.

We’ll sort out any visas you might need and ensure that you and your team do not inadvertently breach any travel policy requirements that are in force. You’ll have one assigned point of contact, whom you’ll speak to regarding all your flights, rail travel and hotels.

This same advisor will also issue travel reports once your journey has begun, should you need to change your route, or be alerted to any events that are taking place in your destination. Your safety and security are our priority, so you’ll be able to relax while you travel, knowing somebody is looking out for you.

Setting up your account

Setting up your business travel account with us couldn’t be easier. Simply get in touch and we’ll guide you through the process. We’ll then be in a position to help you at a moment’s notice with your travel plans as and when they arise.

It’ll feel as if you have your very own travel advisor, working directly with you to figure out itineraries and routes, as well as save you money. Are you ready to never miss a meeting again, enjoy more convenient routes and reduced prices?

Please get in touch on or 0161 748 6865 to join a growing number of companies, who prefer to spend their time concentrating on running their businesses more effectively, than worrying about planning their travel schedule for the next month.


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