Chris Nagel from Employee Management Limited (EML) answers this question.

Being told that they should look after the health and wellbeing of their employees, and engage them, may not get an enthusiastic reception from managers whose primary focus is the bottom line. However, identifying the consequences of neglecting these areas might put a different spin on things.

Stress can turn into depression, short-term absence can quickly become long-term, medical conditions evolve into disabilities, and if employment is terminated without considering reasonable adjustments, this could result in claims of Disability Discrimination. Neglecting morale and motivation in the pursuit of profit can further create an “us and them” culture in which grievances become the norm.

The cost of management time spent dealing with these issues is compounded by the increased likelihood of litigation following the removal of Employment Tribunal fees, which has resulted in an escalation in both Early Conciliation cases and full-blown legal claims.


For employers who may already be dealing with any of these issues, the team at EML offer a specialist Employment Tribunal representation service.

We’re also running a free half-day workshop on 20th March to provide guidance on pre-claim warning signs and the steps which employers need to consider if things escalate to the point of litigation. Book on today by calling us on 01942 727200 or visiting our ‘Events’ page at


Chris Nagel

Director / Head of HR
Employee Management Limited (EML)
T:            01942 369675



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