Mike Fox and Gareth Godard

Cybercrime – Risks to you and your business…. Staying safe on-line

In August the Chamber’s guest speaker was Gareth Godard the Digital Engagement Manager at Barclays Bank.  It was a very informative thought-provoking session. The key questions were; Are you safe online? What are you doing to protect yourself and your business?

Mike Fox President of the Chamber introduced Gareth and shared the following statistic;  “In 2017 60% of law firms were targeted by cyber criminals.”



Key Statistics shared by Gareth included:


  • Around 80% of Cybercrime can be prevented by having the correct protections in place
  • £21.2 billion – The Cost of Fraud today to the private sector in the UK, this is the known figure but not all fraud crimes are reported
  • On average it is 231 days before you know you’ve been hacked


Here is a summary of the presentation along with some key tips:


Cybercrime comes in various forms:

  • Social engineering – targeting people and tricking them to break the norm
  • Phishing/Spear email – targeted at individuals or small groups
  • CEO Impersonation Fraud – a spoof email sent to an internal member of staff requesting a bank payment
  • Invoice Fraud – Can be sent via email, phone or in the post requesting a change the bank details for suppliers
  • Cheque Overpayment Fraud – Where a cheque has been deposited into your bank account at random. Then you receive a request for money to be sent via Bacs for this amount and the cheque is stopped


Gareth shared the following example of how social engineering could be used:


By posting on social media that you are going on your holiday, e.g. posting a photo of yourself having a glass of fizz in the airport, is advertising that you are leaving the country to potential cyber criminals.

A hacker could then email you directly using social media to target you, including adding in a link to what you have posted to convince you it is genuine.

Tip: Hover your mouse over the email link to see the true orientation of the link for any emails you are unsure of or have come from a new source. Also ensure you have reviewed and amended your social media security settings.

Sources of information used by cyber criminals include – Google, LinkedIn sending you a connection request, Facebook – your profile can give them key data such as your date of birth, where you went to school, your friends, likes and can see where you go and what you enjoy doing.

Gareth provided a link to https://digital.wings.uk.barclays/for-everyone which provides guidance on how to stay safe and manage your profiles.


Remember – Your bank will never ask for login details or account details over the phone email or text. Cyber security is a crucial element to any business and always use a mixture of upper case, lower case, numerical and special character when creating a password.


Business card draw winners:

  • Meal for two in the Townfields Restaurant courtesy of the Cresta Court Hotel – Musa Ayoob – NQB international
  • Peter Collins LinkedIn Health Check – Tom Knight -Walking with the wounded
  • Mike Alleyne 12 Month Business Strategy Plan – Jac Murray – Cresta Business Travel


A big Chamber welcome to our certificated new members:

Kathryn Bistacchi – Definition Consulting

Musa Ayoob – NQB international Recruitment


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