Sim Goldblum

Tell us a bit about your business and your role:

Strategic Business Advisor, Business Coach or Business Consultant? I’ve given up on titles – I do coach, advise and offer consultancy, but I’m all of these, and focus on delivering RESULTS and SOLUTIONS that help ambitious business owners to:

  • Confirm, redefine & formulate business strategy to underpin growth
  • Recruit, retain & develop your people to drive business performance
  • Transform your marketing to get better results with no increase in budget

I also help business owners rediscover their ‘mojo’ and reconnect with their ‘why’. When you set up your business, you didn’t do it to just get by! I solve your problems from the top down – starting by supporting you the owner, harnessing all the energy and ambition you may have lost sight of.

My clients are typically established SMEs with significant turnover who are ambitious, willing to grow and willing to listen, learn and implement! Other clients are concerned about staff retention and team performance, are struggling to meet sales/profit targets or have lost faith in their business and their motivation to carry on.


What makes you different to other providers?

I have operated at the highest levels in the global automotive industry, creating new global products, managing large teams and developing global JVs and M+A opportunities. All businesses require the same core elements – from sound strategic thinking to operational excellence – so my experience in multi-national business can and does translate into the professional service and healthcare sectors, as well as serving manufacturing, engineering and logistic businesses.


Tell us about the community focused initiatives are you involved in.

I have served as an NED on a Foundation Hospital Trust board, as a governor of Primary and Secondary schools and on the board of faith-based organisations and charities. Currently, I mentor students at MMU and unemployed and returning to work individuals as part of the Step Ahead programme offered by CIPD and government


How do you find the balance between work and personal life based with running your own business and the community initiatives you’re involved in?

By allocating specific time for each, and outstanding negotiation skills with my wonderful wife! The reality is that when something is really worthwhile doing, we all make the time to do it well!


What advice based on your skill set and/or your community work, would you give to other business owners?

  1. Invest 60-90 minutes, preferably at the start of each day, to work ON your business, not IN it
  2. Develop a series of educational articles (not blog posts) for your website to ensure your customer/client knows what you do and recognises you as an expert, before they even consider buying – read Marcus Sheridan’s “They ask, you answer”
  3. Enjoy yourself doing whatever you are doing at the time – if you enjoy, you will perform much better than if you don’t (and so will each member of your team).


Contact Sim on 0161 4646156 or 07515 507 337;
By email



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