Lest we forget the Garrick

The Altrincham Garrick Playhouse held a commemorative concert in the theatre on behalf of the British Legion Poppy Appeal on Armistice Day 2018. Over 30 cast and crew gave up their time and effort for this worthy cause and around £2000 was raised. It was a very moving occasion, sprinkled with humour and laughter, and finished with a rousing finale. The organising team of Bill Platt, Carole Carr, Val Watkinson and Mike Shaw, backed by a whole host of volunteers, deserve massive credit.

Every member of the audience was given a complimentary flag (and boy, did they use them) plus commemorative programme which featured the story of Altrincham man, Noel Whittles MC who served in the trenches during World War 1. There was also an exhibition in the foyer featuring the previously unseen or published sketches and cartoons he had drawn whilst serving. The Garrick thanks David Burrows, the grandson of Noel and family, for permission to use the archive. David is now sending the programme around the world to his contacts and to World War 1 cemeteries and museums. David and son Nick saw ‘Blackadder Goes Forth’ on the Tuesday of the run and was treated to full Garrick hospitality.

‘Blackadder Goes Forth’, performed the preceding week, in support of Comic Relief, was given 5 stars by critics and audience alike. It was hilarious until the ending when everyone was left stunned in disbelief, with the majority in tears. This show will go down in the Garrick annuls and be remembered by all who saw it for a very long time.


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