Alan Hyams BSc FCA CF

Tell us a bit about your business and your role

I work as a Business Performance Coach helping businesses be more Productive, Grow Faster and make more Profit. Although my base discipline is a Chartered Accountant I escaped practice ten years ago and concentrate on helping clients solve their business problems. I also run a Coaching Group for Professionals and Facilitate Affordable Peer Learning Groups for small businesses.


What makes you different to other providers?

My experience of working with owner managed and family businesses and having founded and grown my own practice means I have been there and can quickly understand their issues and suggest possible solutions.


Tell us about the community focused initiatives are you involved in.

I have numerous commitments as a volunteer in the business world, all of which are exciting in their own way, however I get my biggest thrill helping expanding businesses grow faster with sustainable profit. The main initiatives I’m proudest to be involved in are as follows:

  • an elected member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Council representing Greater Manchester
  • a mentor at the Greater Manchester Growth Hub
  • I mentor the Association of Accounting Technicians class at Trafford College
  • I am a volunteer at SUBS here in Altrincham to help our new and growing businesses.


How do you find the balance between work and personal life based with running your own business and the community initiatives you’re involved in?

I work four days a week and spend about day a week volunteering.


What advice based on your skill set and/or your community work, would you give to other business owners?

We live in a busy world with lots of distractions – achieving success is all about FOCUS. Spend most of your time working on the issues that take you fastest towards your business goals.


To find out more about how I can help you please contact me or call 07860 813444.


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