For February’s edition of Chamber Matter’s newsletter, we caught up with local retail expert Scott Lyons, Managing Director at Sale’s Emporium M33 shopping mall.

What type of coffee do you mostly go for, and how do you take it?

At home I like to drink Nescafé, strong but milky with 1 sugar.

When I’m at work I enjoy a Nespresso Latte from our in-house cafe Truly Scrummmmy.


What was your inspiration to ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ when it came to starting your business?

My career has been spent managing shops for large Menswear companies, but now is the right time for me to go back to basics with a huge emphasis on #ShopLocal.


Who makes the best coffee at work?

The wife!


Like cake makes the perfect extra to coffee, what does your business offer that sets you apart from your competitors?

We offer a safe haven for small independent retailers, allowing them to take their first steps to success without the huge overheads of having their own store. At the same time our customers can enjoy a diverse shopping experience.


Other than drinking plenty of coffee, what would you advise business owners as most important for success?

Have a good business plan, great products and patience. You have something that internet shopping will never replicate, a friendly smile and a gratitude to your customer when they make a purchase. People always remember fantastic service.


As Scott says, “Your new business dream starts here” so if you would like to speak to Scott about opportunities for your business at Emporium M33, you can pop in at 2-7 Tatton Road (opposite Sale Town Hall), email, or call 07883 097 808.


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