Melvin Harris - Mel’s Computer Care Ltd

What type of coffee do you usually go for and how do you take it?

Although I am not a very keen coffee drinker I like a coffee late in the morning as long as it is nice and warm and gets the taste buds into action!


What was your inspiration to wake up and smell the coffee when it came to starting your business? 

I have been involved in IT for over 15 years starting off being trained as a computer programmer with a Netherlands software company. The role involved a rigorous training schedule which gave me the solid grounding for my next role as a senior software development & support manager with a major internet service provider.

Since then I have managed an extremely busy retail showroom in the centre of Manchester before starting my own IT business – Mel’s Computer Care – seven years ago.

I carried out a lot of research into current businesses in particular companies that were selling and providing a service to the 50+ age group and found out that this age group in the main were not receiving the help and advice that they needed.


Like cake what makes the perfect extra to coffee does your business offer that sets you apart from your competitors?

Whilst we offer support to individuals and businesses on any scale, our core customer base comes from word-of mouth referrals from clients aged 50+; we’re proud to be different when it comes to offering a bespoke service. Since starting Mel’s Computer Care, my whole ethos has been to target this section of the market in addition to small companies who need support and help in how to get the best from the ever-increasing amount of new technology that keeps flowing on to the market.

Besides explaining the benefits I can show how the new technology can provide safety and protection to the software in their computer and laptop.


Other than drinking a tasty coffee what would you advise business owners as the most important steps to success?

I truly believe that the first step in running a successful business is to know your market to understand clearly who are your customers, and what their needs are.

With this information you can tailor everything you do to ensure you are fulfilling their requirements every day and every week.

In addition to the above I consider it is essential that your team not only understand the importance of customer awareness, but to receive feedback on how your company can develop a programme of continual improvement.


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